And I am so excited! 

Ever invested in that Fendi or Chanel piece, wearing it once then leaving it at the back of your closet, feeling sad for it just sitting there waiting to breathe life into an outfit again? Or you could be the shopper who purchased the good old Louis and NEVER used the piece, now you’re wondering what to do with it?

Well my fashionista friends, Roundtu is THE place for you!

I have been passionate about consignment stores for a good few years now. Having been the girl who comes from a life of hustle, and having a taste for luxury goods, (working in the luxury industry used to be bad for my habit) I found that consignment stores spoke the broke white girls language of finding treasures at amazing prices!

Despite my love of buying brand new when I find the occasional must-have piece, I still choose to sift through consignment stores to find my own pieces, and style them in inventive ways. I get a thrill knowing I found that piece and paid less for it, which I can then reinvent.

So after helping friends sell their pieces for a while, I decided to take the leap and set up and make it an online experience for the luxe lover!

With experience in luxury retail and learning from the best fashion houses, I have taken my skills and implemented a few different things into Roundtu. I HATE that Australian retail assistants aren’t very helpful. They either serve you with attitude, or serve you with the intent of shoving everything down your gob, not caring how it looks on you. The other habit I notice all too often, is that most retail assistants don’t even say hello to you. It’s no wonder the retail industry is losing their clients.

I wanted to change this by taking the consignment online, whilst also offering private viewings in the Sydney Metro region. As Roundtu grows, I want to have a small studio where clients can come by appointment to view the collection and also discreetly drop in items they would like to consign.

This is just the beginning, I can’t wait for you all to see what I have in store for you.

For now, shop the pieces online at


With Love,